Monday, December 16, 2013

You Used What as an Ice Scraper?!

You Used What as an Ice Scraper?!

Bet everyone enjoyed that last storm!  Everyone loves the TV's "National Lampoon's Christmas" special.  While funny, we have our own less fortunate stories such as

  • "While following my husband, he drops our Christmas tree off his truck and it smashed out my windshield"    or
  • "My wife and I were bickering about something and I fired our Christmas tree into the back glass hatch of my Civic"  

Those are this weeks stories, but how about the ice we are left with?  Impatient drivers trying to remove ice from windshields often discover creative ways to break the glass.  We have seen some grim self inflicted windshield damage caused by clients who got creative with improvised ice removal.  Nobody likes paying to replace their windshield, but it’s all the more painful when it is damage that could have easily been avoided. 
Tip 1: Get yourself a new scraper every year- If the season was nasty, they the scraper worked hard and during the off season the scraper tends to get beat around and chipped.  Bad scrapers can lead to scratches on the glass.
Tip 2: Try an application of Aquashield water repellent, which would help the ice from sticking in the first place.
Tip 3: Run the defroster a little longer to melt the ice slowly - A little extra time here can save the cost of a glass.

We have replaced glass for the following reason-  "Do Not!!"
§         Use your keys
§         Use a shovel
§         Use a flat head screw driver
§         Use a hammer
§         Use a credit card
§         Use boiling water
§         Use old CD's
§         Use beer cans
§         Use a 2x4
§         Use a propane torch to melt the ice
§         Use a spatula, utility knife or crowbar

If you find yourself with a frozen windshield situation without a scraper remember – just defrost to avoid the cost! Give yourself some extra time!