Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scotia Auto Glass will bring the solution to you

Scotia Auto Glass
Kelly Bent
Our society has turned towards quick fixes. We demand immediate solutions to
problems and obstacles. The downside to most instant solutions is they are
not always sound, leaving us frustrated. So, when a windshield chip or crack
happens who has the time to remain at a garage for up to half a day? No one!
Scotia Auto Glass has been a 100 per cent mobile glass replacement and
repair operation for over 30 years. "We are all about saving time and
money for each client. We don't have long waits and we don't require a minimum
amount of bookings before we will come to an area. If someone needs glass
repair for their vehicle, home, commercial property or boat we are quickly
on the way," explains Ron Tibert, owner and operator of Scotia Auto Glass.
This premium service doesn't come with a premium price tag. The mobile
service is of no extra cost to the customer. "We are all about customer
service and convenience."

The first step with glass repair or replacement is to diagnose the problem.
"A quick email or phone call from a client to one of our trained
technicians gives us the information we need to get the ball rolling on the job and all
our quotes are free. If the client describes a bulls-eye crack, half moon
crack or spider crack we know most often they can be repaired," says
Tibert. "Glass chips can spread very quickly and should be dealt with right away
or they will lead to windshield replacement." Windshield repair and
replacement can be done in the home owners' driveway or garage. "The entire job
usually takes less than and hour and the client can stay in the comfort of their own
home or office." Scotia Auto Glass is also approved by all major insurance
companies. This ensures quick processing of claims and all work comes with a
lifetime warranty. "Our workmanship is guaranteed for as long as you own
your vehicle." Scotia Auto Glass also has access to the largest warehouses
in Canada.  This means the customers don't have long waits for materials.
Safety is of the utmost importance to Scotia Auto Glass. "A windshield is
a key component in the structural integrity of a vehicle. Having a repair done
correctly and quickly is critical to the safety of passengers." Ron and
his technicians are constantly training and upgrading to offer the best
solutions to their customers. "We aren't stumped by a challenge. We always
try to come up with the best solutions to serve the client's needs."
Keep the name Scotia Auto Glass at the top of your to do list. They will be
your saving solution to any glass problem. For more information or to
receive a free quote please visit

Ms. Kelly Bent
Special Features Writer/Photographer