Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Insurance Co's, CAA and Scotia Glass in Atlantic Canada are cautioning the public about Spring potholes- http://bit.ly/hHCQE9

Insurance Co's, CAA and Scotia Glass in Atlantic Canada are cautioning the public about Spring potholes- http://bit.ly/hHCQE9

DAILY NEWS Mar 29, 2011 4:45 PM
Spring has arrived - and so have potholes

State Farm in Canada, CAA-Quebec and glass dealers in Atlantic Canada are cautioning the public about one of the traditional rites of Spring — potholes.
Most roadways are built in layers, starting with earth and gravel for drainage and then covered with a layer of asphalt.
Cracks in the asphalt layer cause water to seep into the lower layers, where the water freezes and expands. Some of the underlying dirt and gravel is displaced as a result of the water freezing, leaving a hole when the water eventually melts.
When the asphalt layer over top of these holes collapses, the result is a pothole.

Story continued in link - http://bit.ly/hHCQE9

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Broken Windshields, Big Potholes

Increase in cracked windshields as Nova Scotia thaw creates more pot holes

Scotia Auto Glass employees have noticed more customers saying their windshield broke after hitting a pothole, and comment that the costs affect all Nova Scotia Drivers.

Nova Scotia’s spring time thaws seem to create potholes everywhere and force drivers to swerve around or take the impact of driving over the hole. This can cause a chipped windshield to break, making the car unsafe to drive. Halifax’s Q104 has a twitter “call out” to find and photo the biggest potholes in Nova Scotia. (@Q104Halifax)

“HRM would like to advise residents that Municipal Operations crews will be working to patch potholes in the coming days.” - says Halifax website http://www.halifax.ca/snow/ and more information on potholes can be found at http://www.halifax.ca/works/potholes.html

A windshield provides 30% of a car’s structural strength and if damaged by a crack, it requires an immediate replacement. Around one in six car windshields have a chip which can be quickly and easily repaired to make the windshield as good as new, usually at no cost to the vehicle owner.

Ron Tibert, of Scotia Auto Glass says: “Drivers are forced to hit potholes while driving since it is unsafe to jerk the wheel in traffic, and are absorbing an increasing bill for the poor state of some roads. However by getting a chip repaired before it turns into a crack, drivers can protect themselves from an expensive insurance claim and make certain their windshield is as strong as new.”

It is estimated that 80% of Nova Scotia car owners have comprehensive insurance and nearly all insurance companies will cover rock chip repairs for free. Scotia Auto Glass, a company that comes to you, will repair your windshield onsite to further reduce the risk to driver’s vehicles. Deductibles for a cracked windshield average about $250.

Scotia Auto Glass is an exclusive mobile service company that can repair or replace all types of auto glass at client’s home or office. Scotia Auto Glass is insurance approved and recommended by many car dealerships. For service on the South Shore from Hubbards to Liverpool call 902-523-1180 (1-866-543-6001) and for service in HRM call 902-456-5201. You can also get a quote or book online at www.scotiaauto.com

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